• cis people: drag queens 😍
  • cis people: *transmisogynistic slur*
  • cis people: *transphobic slur*
  • cis people: haha special snowflake transtrender genderspecial
  • cis people: eww you look like a [gender that the person is not]
  • cis people: [equates genitals to gender]
  • cis people: [misgenders trans people]
  • trans people: can you maybe not
  • cis people: omg lighten up!!!11!!!!!1 its just a joke!!!1!!!!!
  • trans people: i hate cis people
  • cis people: that's cisphobia!!!!! dont hate on Comfortable In Skin people just for being the gender they were born as!!!! hate doesnt end hate!!!!!!!!!!! why are transgendereds so rude




Even mom  turnt

What song is this?

mom goals

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